The SALES ON DEMAND 5-step real estate coaching program:

There are five main steps you will need to implement to take your real estate business to the next level and start generating massive
revenue without being a slave to your work.

The Sales On Demand program (SOD) is a step-by-step real estate coaching program that allows you to plug-n-play right from the beginning so that you start seeing new client and sales in the first 60-days of implementation.

The program includes:

  • Video trainings for every part of the business
  • Dozens of PDF templates for buyer and seller systems
  • Proven marketing materials that generate new sales on demand
  • PDF magazines and postcards that produce new clients quickly
  • Radio and TV commercial ad copies and examples
  • How to set up automatic buyer lead generation with the BEST system
  • $100,000 of marketing and trainings for just a fraction of the cost
  • No re-curring monthly fees

It is important that you follow each part of this real estate coaching program so that you not only have the income you desire, but also the time freedom that so many real estate agents lack.

Sales On Demand is organized into five parts: Buyer System, Listing System, Team Building, Time and Money Freedom Through Scaling, and Tools and Resources.

With these systems, you will be able to generate as many buyer and seller clients as you want to… whether it is 10 or 100 per month. You will also have a proven listing package that dominates the competition and will insure that you are winning every listing appointment while blowing your client’s minds. Our listing system alone is worth over $15,000 and allows you to dominate any market and any listing presentation, no matter who your competition is…

Finally, the SOD program will show you how to bring your income from $5,000 a month to $100k+ per month and be able to maintain this level of income while only working 5-10 hours per week. All this while owning a business that truly serves you…


With all these elements combined, our real estate coaching program is designed to help set you up for success. Purchase our Sales On Demand coaching program today!