Fellow real estate agents and brokers: Have you been looking for a proven method to generate as many buyers and sellers as you want, but all you get is the same advice—which may have worked 20 years ago but not in the new real estate market? Are you tired of real estate gurus who want to sell you into a real estate coaching program, which takes thousands of dollars out of your pocket and keeps you locked into a monthly contract that does not give you any real value? If you could get all of these systems and trainings in just a few minutes (that you can have forever, without a contract) how quick would you jump on it?

As a real estate coach, I have invested thousands into other top real estate coaching programs and have gained a lot from those teachers and courses, but have found that most of the value came in the beginning of their programs. The ongoing monthly payments I’ve paid into their programs just filled up their bank account without really benefiting my team and myself.

Hi, I’m John Stevenson and I started selling real estate in 2011. Even though I had been investing in real estate long before then, I wanted to start creating the very best experience for my clients who wanted to invest into real estate as well as make some profits selling their investments later. I have built real estate teams as well as my brokerage while being able to travel the world and have the time and financial freedom that most real estate agents only dream about.

There are a lot of things you can do to build a real estate business, but there are only a couple of really important systems that will propel you to massive success. I have personally spent over $200,000 to learn what works and what doesn’t. As a real estate coach, I think it’s essential to find out what my competitors are doing, and how I can provide you with the best possible experience and training. I have a ton of colleges and clients in this space and I’ve noticed that while some would skyrocket to massive success in selling real estate, most would just struggle to make ends meet. Over time, I realized that there are some key shifts that MUST be made to create massive financial success in the real estate industry.

These shifts, as well as the exact systems, are all included in my exclusive Sales On Demand program. In this program, I share exactly what you need to plug in to start generating 5, 10, even 50 or more clients per month. This is designed to help you get your income to $10k-$30k per month within the first year and then propel your income to over $100k per month as you grow your team. In my program, you don’t have to pay a monthly fee either. You get all of these proven systems right now as well as video tutorials that teach you everything on the business of real estate and growing it to massive success. At the end of my training you will know exactly how to generate sales on demand, whether it be just 5 sales per month or 100 sales per month. You will also be able to build this while leveraging a team that will allow you to travel and spend time with your family.

Finding the right real estate coach can be tricky, but I know that I can make the difference in your practice, and life as a whole. Let’s start talking, and let’s start moving your career in the right direction.

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